Grant Application

The Required Application Documentation for Application Submission:

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Precedence is given to organizations situated within or whose activities are concentrated in, first, southwestern Pennsylvania, specifically Pittsburgh, then northern West Virginia, northern Maryland, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and, lastly, the United States.

All organizations are required to use our Grant Request Application for submission.  The Application Selection Process is done using a monthly preliminary screening method in which the Board of Directors views the Grant Request Summary.   Other requirements are:

  1. Proposals are to be submitted on 8.5 x 11 paper, printed single-sided, and unbound. 
  2. Supportive materials should not exceed more than five (5) pages.  If you are going to include a brochure in lieu of supportive material, please only include one (1). 
  3. A complete, to-the-point description of the project detailing the purpose and objectives.
  4. To-the-point procedures for project implementation.
  5. An itemized budget including official estimates on the estimator's letterhead.
  6. Photographs and/or drawings of the current areas/items being replaced/constructed including items to be purchased (e.g. dishwashers, dryers, computers).
  7. A list of donors being pursued.  If no other donors are being pursued, please note along with a reason for not seeking funds from other sources.
  8. A copy of the organization's tax-exemption declaration.
  9. A professionally prepared or official financial statement.  In certain instances, a professionally prepared financial statement is not available due to the organizations association within a community (e.g. fire stations).  If your organization does not have access to professional prepared financial statements, please call the office to obtain what financial documentation is needed.
  10. A list of the organization's current Board of Directors.
  11. A list of corporate or foundation donors within the last year.

DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING or the proposal will be automatically pre-declined:

  • Provide a list of projects for the Board of Directors to choose from. 
  • Be general in the nature of the request.  You MUST remain specific to the tangible needs of your organization.
  • Submit an application for funding at or exceeding $50,000 without permission.  It is recommended that remain between the $1 - $30,000 range.
  • Submit for a multi-year grant without permission.
  • Submit an application for a matching grant without permission.
  • Submit an application without reviewing our Limitations and Restrictions section of our website or speaking to someone at the Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation office.

If there is no adequate interest in a proposal during the preliminary review, the request is automatically declined and the organization is notified.

For proposals receiving adequate interest by our Board of Directors, the organization will be notified that the proposal has made the Board meeting agenda for further discussion.  Within two weeks of the meeting, the organization will receive notification of the Board’s decision. Please be aware that although a proposal may be discussed at our Board meeting, there is still the possibility that the request will not be funded.

For more information on award grants, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If there are any additional questions concerning the Application Procedures please contact the Foundation office at (412) 884-3626.

Please continue onto the Category Definitions to see which Category your organizational needs fall under.