The Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation would like to continue with the healthy practices that have kept our staff, families, and Board of Directors well-being in top form over the last few years.  

However, each staff member now has the choice to wear a mask and shake hands.  If the choice is made to wear a mask, please do not take offense.  The staff member is simply thinking of their health and yours as well.  

We hope you are still taking the necessary steps to remain safe for your family and friends and the community at large.  We encourage everyone to wear a mask if you feel unsafe or sick. Please continue to practicing good hygiene by thoroughly washing your hands as to prevent the spread of flus, colds, and COVID variants.  

On behalf of the Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation Board of Directors, stay safe and healthy,

Christina Heasley-Treadwell


Meetings, Site Visits and General Business:

In-Person Meetings:  We have realized that many questions can be effectively answered over the phone while viewing our website.  However, each meeting request will be considered during an initial phone conversation. 

Site Visits:  A site visit may be granted under certain conditions.  We take into consideration the request for a site visit based on the familiarity with the organization, magnitude of the project, request amount as well as several other conditions.  

General Business: We have streamlined our procedures since COVID and continue to modify certain aspects of our grant application process.  We ask that you continue to check the Grant Appication under the Grant Seekers tab for any recent updates to the application form.