About SRCF

The Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation is a family foundation based on the philanthropic principals and traditions that began with William Snee and his wife Katherine Reinhardt-Snee several decades ago. 

Making their home in the Mon-Valley area, 30 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Bill and Katherine saw the needs within their community and embarked on their philanthropic journey aiding a variety of nonprofit organizations.  Their compassionate gift giving was always made for public benefit.  Neither Bill nor Katherine ever sought any public recognition.  Their contributions supported the continued development of humanitarian programs, food and clothing for disaster relief, growth of the fine arts, advancement in medical research and innovation in educational programming. 

It was after the passing of her husband that Katherine decided, in 1983, to establish the Snee-Reinhardt Foundation in order to continue the legacy they started together.  In 1988, with the intent to expand its grant giving capacity, the Foundation Bylaws were reviewed, revised and approved.  Renamed to the Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation, these modified Bylaws have allowed more latitude in supporting a larger diversity of grants from many organizations; all of which have an impact on the social issues that we face every day. 

Even though the Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation encompasses many broad areas of concern, or categories, there is no one area deemed more important than the next. Nevertheless, the Foundation has found it beneficial underwriting grants that are tangible in nature or serve a higher number of individuals within the community and surrounding areas.  The Foundation continually aids organizations that are endlessly striving to serve the community in various ways such as improving social conditions, expanding education, and working to better the environment.