Category Definitions

The Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation’s Board of Directors has designated several areas of concern comprised of specific intentions.

Arts/Culture: Performing arts, humanities, media and communications, multipurpose museums, public broadcasting, and historical preservations.

Education: Promotional programs for elementary, secondary and vocational systems, colleges/universities, graduate programs, adult and multipurpose libraries.

Environmental: Support of natural resources, beautification programs, pollution control, environmental education, and horticultural/botanical programs.

Health/Medical: Rural health care, crisis intervention, special programs in health centers, and prevention/treatment of specific diseases.

Human Services: Youth development and recreation, disaster relief, employment training/ placement, multipurpose agencies, and abuse prevention.

Religion: The theological education and ecumenical programs as well as the mission of many churches, synagogues, and religious charities.

Miscellaneous: Because every grant cannot be included into a category, the Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation permits grants for animal welfare, community development, sports, camps, fire and police departments and economic development as miscellaneous grants.  

Please continue onto Limitations and Restrictions to see if your organizational needs are exempt from funding.