COVID-19 and the COVID variants remain a topic of conversation as does the effectiveness of the vaccines.  But time does not stand still.  2021 quickly moves along compelling companies to continually shift their business structure while still maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.  And though we are happy to see more familiar days, we must still be vigilant. 

The Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation remains up-to-date with COVID information provided by the CDC and the State of Pennsylvania.  This information has formed our decision to continue with certain mandates to protect our staff, our families, our Board of Directors and any non-profit organization in the midst of our application process. These decisions are listed below.

Our ability to serve the non-profit community while still following these mandates, will not affect any organization's application process.  In 2020, we were able to quickly streamline our procedures and shift from in-person meetings and site visits to phone conversations and web meetings.  We guided over 200 organizations during our 2020 grant application process and awarded approximately 120 grants that focused on the community's immediate needs brought on by the pandemic.  

We guided over 105 organizations during our April 1, 2021 grant application process and awarded approximately 47 grants at our May meeting.  While a number of grants stayed focused on the community's needs from the pandemic, we noticed the shift to the customary requests (e.g. tangible items for a specific program).  

Grant proposal submissions for our September 2021 meeting are being accepted now.  The deadline is on Friday, July 30 2021 at 4:00 p.m. EST.

We hope that you are taking the necessary steps to remain safe for your family and friends and the community at large.  We encourage everyone to wear your mask when asked and continue to practicing good hygiene by thoroughly washing your hands.  

On behalf of the Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation Board of Directors, stay safe and healthy,

Christina Heasley-Treadwell

SRCF Staff Vaccinations:

We are not requiring our staff or Board of Directors be fully vaccinated.  This is a personal choice that each individual must make with the assistance of their family and their primary care doctor. 

Meetings and Site Visits:

During the pandemic, the Snee-Reinhardt Charitable Foundation staff realized that web meetings and phone conversations were very successful in providing guidance and information to non-profit organizations applying for funding.  While many prefer in-person meetings, we will still conduct meetings via the web and telephone. 

We are continuing to deny site visit requests.  While a site visit can prove useful, this type of meeting can be lengthy and with multiple exposure risks. 

If you have any questions and/or grant submissions, please send them via e-mail to  We continue to ask that you please do not send any grant submissions with a signature requirement via FedEx, UPS and/or USPS.  Signature required packages will be returned to you thus may cause your origination to miss the grant submission deadline.  


According to the HIPPA Journal, any organization not covered by HIPPA can ask if someone has been vaccinated.  However, the individual is not required to answer or provide proof of vaccination.

Therefore, if one of our staff determines that an in-person meeting or site visit must happen, we will require that everyone attending the meeting wear a mask at all times and refrain from shaking hands.  This is to protect those that are not vaccinated and have opted not to provide their vaccination status.